Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Tuesday night's infrared still photos

I think we can safely say "experiment successful"! Obviously the motion-detector camera was throwing out too much infrared light and just saturating the subject. Now, in this sequence of photos we have recognisable hedgehogs! Here are the best of the bunch:


  1. Love the top one!

    What did you do to get the better pictures?

  2. Thanks Kevin

    See Tuesday's blog posts which should explain everything (if you haven't already).

  3. You have definitely cracked it. Great IR photos. No signs of a hedgehog here. I must admit I was worried at the end of last year when my visitors stopped visiting earlier than others.

  4. ...but for some reason when I tried again on Wednesday night, I was getting the infrared bounce-back again and lots of fuzzy white silhouettes for hedgehogs. I really don't get it, because the set up was exactly the same as on the previous night, unless it was some subtle atmospheric thing.

    So, unfortunately, no photos good enough to show you on Thursday.

  5. Misty conditions with the warmer weather and saturated ground?
    Just checked last night's video captures and Hurray! looked like Henry, the larger hog, has awakened. My problem was a spider crossing in front of the lens - must clean off the cobwebs.

  6. Good news about Henry! I'm so glad to hear that.