Monday, 22 March 2010

Sunday night's visitors

...that is, Sunday night through to Monday morning. In fact, the first hedgehog didn't make an appearance until 12:50am, which is later than they have been most nights.

I feel I still need to play with the camera, positioning, etc, to see if I can further reduce glare. I'm still getting infrared white-out in the centre of the photos. Any tips would be gratefully received. Such are the pitfalls of photographing a nocturnal animal. I have no such problems with the birds in the morning when daylight comes:


  1. I'm certainly not in your league for taking photos, but FWIW I have set my camera aimed down a bit and pointing off centre, so hopefully the main action (it's looking at the hoogie house in our garden) is not too whited out.

  2. The camera sits on top of two house-bricks against the rear wall of the house - and yes - it is angled downwards. As for pointing off-centre, it's difficult to know where in the shot the hedgehogs are going to be. I can try to encourage them by putting food in strategic places.