Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A fuzzy white silhouette and some starlings

Last night I thought, for a change, that I would employ the infra-red motion-detector camera to take some stills rather than movies. Unfortunately, the above is the best shot of a hedgehog that I got. The infrared created too much glare and all you can see of the hedgehog is a fuzzy white silhouette. The glare also reflects off the surface of the plastic feeding station and much of the centre of each photo is whited-out.

Last year, I did have a similar problem with glare on the movies, but after much experimentation with positioning of camera, postitioning of feeding station, use of black rubber mats on the patio, and the taping-over of some of the camera's infrared LEDs, I managed to get videos that worked quite nicely. It's weird that the same settings do not work for stills.

By way of some small consolation, I did get some nice photos of starlings this morning:

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  1. OK, I'm not beaten yet. I have another idea about getting some infrared still photos and am going to try it out tonight.