Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Lots of hedgehog activity on Monday night

...in fact, there was so much hedgehog activity and so many good photo captures, that the easiest way to show them all to you is in the form of a slideshow video:


  1. Excellent footage!
    Are your hogs rather large or is it a scale thing?
    I think finally I had some hog activity last night....that or next doors cats have started eating mealworms....

  2. I think it must be a "scale thing". They look like regular-sized hoggies to me. The one I call Blondie is bigger than the other one, it's possible they are male and female (with Blondie being the boy). Blondie is the more aggressive of the two.

    But I could be wrong...

  3. Great to see yours seem to have become regulars again. Henry missed three nights but came a couple of times last night.

  4. We have a regular family of hedgehogs living in our back field.they are shy but every now and then venture towards the house.I'll put a couple of photos up on my blogspot of one of them nearly lost in the cat dish!

  5. Hi Gerry - thanks for the comment. I've just checked your blog and think that your hedgehog photos are wonderful.

  6. Hi again, sorry it has taken me so long to get here :-)

    I’ve enjoyed catching up. Looks like you’ve got the whole glare thing sorted. I do like the car mat idea. I bet the hogs do too as the mealworms won’t move far when they try to eat them.

    I like the way you are trying to vary the images to show too. That is something I consider too… not that I have any to share yet ;-)

    I was wondering if you mark the hogs in some way for ID to show how many and which ones visit. I was trying to remember if it was you or someone else.

    I am also wondering if you think that you have more hogs visiting this year than you did last year at this time. You could be doing your bit for conservation there :-D

  7. Hi Shirl

    Well, I *like* to think I'm doing my bit for conservation. I'm giving the hedgehogs a safe haven, so they don't have to go wandering too far in their search for food.

    I don't mark the hogs at all, but sometimes I am able to identify an individual if it has partlicular markings, such as Blondie who's been putting in an appearance each night for the last few weeks. Blondie has lots of markings on his (I think he's a he) back, including a "blonde" patch near the rear. He also has a little bump on his nose.

    As far as I can tell at the moment there are just the two hedgehogs visiting: Blondie and the other one. I suppose it is possible that "the other one" is in fact more than one hedgehog, but until I see them together at the same time it's very difficult to tell.