Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Another wet and miserable night

I had turned the hedgehog feeding station around so that the rain wouldn't fall into the open door and dampen the newspaper on its floor. However, at this angle it reflects badly in the infrared glare. I should have moved it to one side out of shot.

Hedgehog visits last night seem to have occurred between 00:15 and 3:45am. I wonder why they are coming so much later this last week or so? Can it all be down to the weather, or are they visiting somewhere else earlier?


  1. Maybe they forgot to alter their alarm clock at the weekend ;) My visitors seem much later than last week. I think they cover quite a large area in their travels so they may have changed their route.

  2. I was just about to say is it to do putting the clocks forward or back or whatever we did to them.....
    Still no hogs where I am:(

  3. No, they had been getting later and later for a while before the clocks went forward. Other than my really early visitor last Thursday.

    I'm beginning to wonder if these hogs are exceptionally shy and prefer to come when all the house lights have been turned off.