Sunday, 14 March 2010

PLEASE say "NO" to Push The Button with Ant and Dec

I don't like "entertainment" TV programmes of this format and normally wouldn't bother to tune in, but I was quite literally flicking channels on the TV last night and was appalled to see a sequence with animals in boxes and contestants putting their hands into boxes trying to ascertain the identity of the animal within.

The hedgehog was quite clearly frightened. It must have been stressful enough for it being under bright lights and in a noisy TV studio environment in the first place, but to have that woman's hand come into the box and poke it and knock it flying was just too much. She was hardly being gentle.

Using animals in this way in the name of (so-salled) entertainment is barbaric. This is the 21st Century and people need to be educated about animals and taught to respect them, not to treat them as objects of fun.

Please, I urge all readers, email the ITV at and tell them that this kind of thing is just not acceptable.

Thank you.


  1. I have sent off my email of complaint Gavin - thanks for letting us know - I hate to think of the hedgehogs that will suffer from this - stupid people will think you can 'play' with them.
    This has made me very cross.
    Have you emailed the RSPCA?
    What is wrong with some people?

  2. Reply from ITV:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Thank you for your email regarding Ant & Dec's Push the button programme.

    I can confirm that your comments have been registered here at ITV Viewer Services.

    The animals were provided by a highly experienced animal handler who, together with a fully qualified and experienced vet, were with the animals at all times at the location to ensure that they were well looked after and put under no stress at all. All animals used were used to being handled by humans on a regular basis.

    May I take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to contact us here at ITV.


    ITV Viewer Services - TT