Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A possible hedgehog visitor

We're over a week into March already and I've been hoping that we'll see the hedgehogs coming out of hibernation in the next few weeks. However, it seems that the winter just does not want to go away this year and recently the nights have been bitterly cold with the water freezing in the water bowl I leave outside for our various visitors.

Last night did seem a little warmer though; the water didn't freeze this time. Furthermore, look at this evidence in the hedgehog feeding station (see photo above). I've left food out in the feeding station all winter - just in case our spiky friends awake from hibernation - but this is the first time that it's been touched since mid-November (other than me refreshing it a couple of times and throwing the older food out for the birds). Yesterday, that bowl was full of mealworms, but I think you can safely say it's half empty now.

It could be a hedgehog, or it might just be a particularly clever starling who has discovered this secret supply of food.

I think tonight a camera trap is called for! Stay tuned.

ADDITIONAL: Just after writing the above it occured to me that if it was a hedgehog, there might be droppings nearby, so I've just checked outside again and near to the feeding station on the patio there are indeed some fresh droppings! It seems as if the first of the hedgehogs is back.


  1. Great News! I was only thinking today I should start putting a night feed out again.....my only concern is I fear we have some rodent nocturnal visitors....mice I think and I don't want to give them even more to feast on.
    Just an idea but how about dusting the mat with a thin coat of flour so you can see the footprints?

  2. I think I'll try the camera first. It's all set up and ready for a video capture.

  3. Having been just feeding mice for the last few weeks, we gained a new guest in our garden at the end of last week. Introducing Uno, a seemingly heathly looking 745g hoggie, whom I first saw in the garden last Friday night (when it was -1 outside).

    He / she (didn't catch for long enough to determine) seems to quite like his new garden. To our surprise, the night before last he moved into our hoggie house, and seems to have set up home there. The only downside to this is that it suggests that Harry and Tictac moved on before I got my camera (there was a nest in there but we didn't want to disturb it to have a look).

  4. Sounds like they're definitely starting to awaken in your neck of the woods, GL. Our local hedgies are still nowhere to be seen, even though it is much milder yesterday and today than it has been for ages.

    Good luck with the capturing. It was great to read the good news.