Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Where are the hogs?

The above photo is from last Friday night. I haven't actually laid eyes on a hedgehog for a couple of days now. Last night I know they visited because the food had been eaten, but tonight it doesn't look as if any of the food has gone yet. Which is strange seeing as in recent weeks the hogs had been turning up most nights before 9:00om even, and Scratchy in particular was often to be seen throughout the night around the plant pots by the back door.

Of course, with the camera currently out of commission, I can't watch hedgehogs that way either.

It's a weird feeling. It's almost like a sense of loss.

At least I can check on the hedgehoggy comings and goings on the blogs of my fellow hedgehog lovers. Shirl of Shirl's Gardenwatch has sent me a couple of photos of her hogs. which I include below:

The hedgehog in these photos is making itself comfortable in a hedgehog house in Shirl's garden. Perhaps one of next year's projects for me could be to put a hedgehog house or two out in the garden. More cameras would be a nice idea too!

Other blogs with fantastic hedgehog photos and video footage include Midmarsh Jottings and Twosie the Hedgehog. This charming little animal is sadly in decline and can now be considered an endangered species, so I think it's wonderful that people are championing the hedgehog. It really is conservation on your own doorstep!


  1. Oh dear, you sound to be suffering withdrawal symptoms. Lack of hedgies is a real problem. I hope they are OK - that's what we start thinking if they are late.

    Do you have any news of the camera? I hope you can get it fixed under warranty.

  2. Delighted to see we can share our fascination for these wonderful wild animals around between us. Good luck in getting your camera repaired :-)