Tuesday, 29 September 2009

I'm glad to say, the hogs are still very much in evidence

The hogs have been fed well in my absense and turned up tonight at approx 8pm. Looking out the window I saw three of them out there at the same time. I decided to take a few sneaky photos whilst hanging out the window and luckily they didn't seem concerned by the camera flash.

This hog is investigating a dropped clothes peg from off the clothesline. No, it's not edible, but I suppose a hedgehog needs to find out these things for itself.

This other hog has left this food bowl in a right old mess. Eating all the mealworms and chucking out everything else, I reckon! Note the markings on the hog's back - however this is not Scratchy - this is a bigger hog and its markings are quite different.

Is it just my imagination or are the hogs getting fluffier? I suppose they might be growing a winter coat ready for their upcoming hibernation period.

Note there appears to be a tick near this hog's ear. I'd be a bit concerned about trying to treat that, with it being so close to the hog's eye.

I don't want to disturb them too much, I'm going to keep checking to see if Scratchy turns up. Stay tuned.


  1. Mine are picking out the mealworms too.
    They also like the Butchers tripe dog food that my dog has very kindly donated- just a few spoonfuls

  2. Welcome back, GL. Lovely photos, and the hedgehogs look very happy and well fed, with a lovely shine. They really do look very fluffy, particularly in the second last photo.

    We hope Scratchy turns up.

    Perhaps the one with the clothes peg is Mrs Tiggywinkle?

  3. Hi GL. That tick could be removed using O'Tom tool, have you got one? They are cheap, efficient and safe to use in such delicate areas. You can buy them from BADA-UK.