Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Scratchy or not?

I was just about to post that Scratchy did put in an appearance later on last night, but now looking at these photos I'm not so sure.

This little hog is smaller than Tuesday night's earlier hedgehog visitors and is about the right size to be Scratchy. He/she also has some of the markings on the back.

However, unless I'm mistaken, it seems to have a darker snout than Scratchy, and - big giveaway this - wasn't scratching.

Possibly this is Scratchy and the itching problem has resolved itself (the ticks fell off?).

Of course, ALL hedgehogs are welcome, but if this isn't Scratchy, I do hope that she is alright.


  1. Great photos. I worry about Henry, the large bossy hog I used to have visit. Haven't seen him for weeks. Hope he has found somewhere else and not met a sticky end.

  2. We wish they'd carry their ID cards with them, it would make things much easier. They do seem to go through phases of scratching. We hope Scratchy is all right, too - she did stand out as a character. We think several of the males who used to visit us stopped coming, but we don't know if something unfortunate happened to them, they moved on to a new territory, or they simply had a makeover.

  3. John, yes I noticed Henry hadn't appeared on your blog for a while. Hopefully he's just moved onto a new territory,

    Twosie - I still can't decide if that hog last night was her or not. There was a small "Scratchy-sized" hog here just a couple of minutes ago, which may have been her.