Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Not quite what I was expecting

I've just returned home from nearly two weeks in Wales. Try as I might, I wasn't able to get any very good footage of local wildlife. One day I went for a long walk around the whole of the valley for a couple of hours and was disappointed and upset to see a dead badger and a dead fox. Not the kind of thing I was looking for at all. On the return stretch of the walk there was a lovely moment when a buzzard took off from a nearby tree and flew across my path, but by the time I'd raised my camera it was too late and the moment - and the bird - had gone.

I saw a few buzzards in the graveyard, and a unidentified bird of prey on the wall just outside the house - it may have been a young buzzard or a red kite. I didn't get the best look. I did capture some bad video footage (not really good enough to put here - not unless you really want to see it), but by the time I'd pulled the net curtain out the way, the bird had seen me and decided to take flight.

The nicest animal photographs I managed to get were of these rather magnificent highland cattle whilst on a walk near St David's. These were not quite what I was expecting to see in Wales.

I realise they are hardly "wildlife", but who is going to argue with me posting this next photo of this adorable-looking calf?

I did visit Bob in the village, but unfortunately Freddie the fox did not put in an appearance for us.

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