Monday, 7 September 2009

Disaster strikes

Tonight, I tried re-charging the battery in my infrared wildlfe camera and soon noticed a nasty burning plastic smell. The battery pack appeared to be melting and was very hot. Somehow it's fried. No idea how that happened.

It's one of these trail cameras and should still be under warranty. If I've time tomorrow I'll see if I can get something sorted out.

Otherwise that will mean no more hedgehog videos this year.


  1. Disaster is right, GL!! What a shame if you can’t get a replacement sorted. Perhaps you could tell them you show footage with their camera on your blog? That might hurry them up. It would be a sin if you weren’t able to continue with your videos this year :-(

    Thanks for allowing me to add your ‘tick’ video to my posting. I’ll sort that out tonight. How about I donate a couple of still images taken tonight from the hog house here for this posting as an exchange… a new visitor I’m guessing :-D Email me if you want them :-D

  2. That is terrible news. No more videos of Scratchy and co. You must be rather miserable. It looks a very nice camera - you get some really good shots.

    There have been a lot of issues with rechargeable batteries melting and bursting into flame - laptops, phones and the like. I would hope that this would not be a warranty but a safety issue and you should get a replacement - you are lucky it's only the battery pack, it could have been the house.

    Please keep us posted.

  3. Oh dear. I hope the company does the right thing by you. I often wondered what sort of camera you used as you had mentioned in the past that it was battery operated.