Friday, 11 September 2009

100 posts already on the Hog Blog

Well, last night the hedgehogs still seemed to be remaining elusive, but from the amount of hog poo in the garden over the last couple of mornings, it's evident that they have been visiting.

Tonight, there seems to be more obvious hog activity. I've seen a big hog and a small hog in the hedgehog feeding station, plus a big hog and Scratchy (pictured above) at the feeding bowl on the patio. So, that's at least two hogs - assuming Scratchy might have been the little hog in the feeding station - and possibly four hogs. And then there's those I haven't seen.

I'm waiting to hear back from the supplier of the trail camera to see if they will exchange the battery for me. Let's hope they are helpful and willing to assist me in this.

Finally, I'm pleased to announce that this is the 100th post on the Hog Blog! When I started this blog in the Spring of this year I didn't know if I would be able to sustain it for long enough. I didn't know if I'd even make it to 20 posts. Would everyone really want to see pictures and videos of hedgehogs time after time? However, the blog has caught people's imaginations - certainly my own - and I have learnt so much about these remarkable little creatures. Compiling this blog has been a great experience and I'm already thinking about what I can do next year to make things even more interesting.


  1. Congratulations on 100 posts – writing about such interesting, cute, funny little creatures.
    I love seeing what Scratchy is up too and find your videos (which you edit beautifully) entertaining and very informative.

  2. Congratulations on reaching the 100th post - and with lots of hedgehogs around to celebrate, particularly little Scratchy. Keep the posts coming - there are lots of hedgehog lovers out there!

    Fingers crossed for the camera battery - we're missing the videos.

  3. Well done on reaching 100. Do you get a telegram from the Queen :)
    Thanks for the mention and link earlier on. Hope your battery supplier does the right thing and sends you a free replacement.

  4. It's the camera supplier, but I've asked if I can just have the battery exchanged rather than the whole camera. I don't want to send the camera itself back because I've taped over some of the infrared LEDs and also because I've put a larger capacity SD card in (which I realise I can take out and keep, but I have no idea what I did with the tiny card that came with it in the first place).