Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Breathing a huge sigh of relief

And today on the date that can be written 09/09/09 I give you the 99th post on this blog, featuring one of its main stars, a little hedgehog known as Scratchy!

Yes! She's back after an absence of a couple of days. I'm so pleased to see her again. When you have a regular visitor at the same time each night, for them to skip a couple of days is, quite frankly, worrying.

I believe I saw another bigger hog in the feeding station a little earlier tonight too. All the mealworms had been eaten anyway, so I put some more out and that's when Scratchy turned up. (I took the photo out of the back window - I wasn't going to risk scaring her off by going outside, especially having missed her these last couple of days).


  1. I know how you felt. The hogs here do that to me occasionally. If I check the overnight recording I usually find they have arrived a couple of hours later than normal. It is always a relief when they go back to their usual times.

  2. I am pleased she has returned.
    Going by the amount of poo in my garden I must be getting a lot of visitors although I don’t see them

  3. Great news, yes they do keep us wondering don't they. I'm looking at one having a nap in our house at the moment but didn't see any visits last night. However, when I went out to return my cables back to their box last night I discovered I'd left my torch on the ground (on) in this area. I had used it to top up the dish with mealworms earlier. All the mealworms were still there. I guess the warmth of the torch put the hogs off coming near :-( Won't make that mistake again :-o

  4. Great news! Lovely little Scratchy.

  5. Great news!

    Just had to check the time of your post.......
    If you'd posted it 51 minutes earlier it would have been 99th post on 9/9/09 and posted at 9pm, lol.