Sunday, 17 May 2009

Shocking behaviour on a Saturday Night

I've been up until 2:30 Sunday morning editing together the hedgehog footage from Saturday night. I got some great clips, but I'd never realised before that hedgehogs could be so violent towards one another. I'll let you see for yourselves in the following three movies:

Did you spot the unwelcome visitor at around 1:37 in the third installment? No, it wasn't a spineless long-tailed hedgehog! Definitely time to get a new cat, I think.


  1. YUCK to the unwanted visitor...! Makes my skin crawl.

  2. Did I tell you I was getting a new cat, Janet?

    With visitors like THAT one, I think I need a cat!

  3. Very interesting ! The hedgehog towards the end of the third film is surprisingly aggressive, but it's target remains apparently calm after the attack.