Monday, 11 May 2009

Say NO to slug pellets!

ABOVE: I took this photo last week through the backdoor window (5 May 2009)

This weekend I spent quite some time out in the garden planting out some of my sunflowers. Most of them I'd put into containers, but not having enough pots and troughs I decided I had to plant some straight into the ground (having first put some compost down, of course).

The trouble with planting sunflowers straight into the ground is that the slugs love 'em, and are adept at destroying them.

I've put a slug-repellent gel on the ground around the plants as I refuse to use slug pellets. Slug pellets are bad news and should be banned! They are poisonous to the slugs (obviously), but the big problem is that our friend the hedgehog comes along, eats the poisoned slug and then gets poisoned itself. Which we do not want.

So please do not use slug pellets, use hedgehog-friendly slug repellent only, and pass the message on!

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