Sunday, 3 May 2009

Hedgehog taking up residence on the patio?

Again this night (that is, Saturday night), we seem to have a resident hedgehog on the patio under the garden table and behind the growbags and bags of compost. I'm not sure if it's the same one as on previous occasions, nor do I know why it seems content to stay there for so long.

Earlier in the evening when I went out into the garden I heard lots of snuffling noises and when I looked in the favourite spot beneath the patio table I saw there were two hedgehogs circling one another. I decided to make myself scarce and let them have some privacy.

But often it's a lone hedgehog sitting on the patio beneath the table. I wonder if he - or she - is patiently waiting for a potential mate to come along, or if it is waiting for me to come back outside and put some more mealworms down in the feeding bowl.

I noticed this hog (pictured) at quarter past midnight and it very patiently let me take a few photos of it. I always feel a bit guilty about using flash photography on the hogs, although it doesn't really seem to bother or scare them. Nevertheless I will be happier once my new infrared wildlife camera, which is on order, has arrived and I'll be able to get photos and video footage without going out into the garden and disturbing the hogs.

I thanked this hog for letting me take its picture with a handful of mealworms, which it seemed quite happy with as I could hear from its noisy munching afterwards.

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