Thursday, 21 May 2009

Don't forget the hogs!

I'd been out all day and when I got home I crashed in front of the telly and got the laptop out to check a few things online. I was so tired I hadn't noticed how late it was getting until suddenly at 10:30 it occured to me "I haven't put any food out for the hogs!"

I felt so guilty. I immediately leapt up and dashed out into the garden to dispense mealworms into feeding bowls. As soon as I had done this, I saw a hedgehog running across the lawn towards the nearest bowl. I was standing in plain view on the garden patio and with the back door wide open and light spilling out. This hog obviously didn't care. It just wanted feeding!

I also get the impression that they wait just out of sight for me to put food down for them. Often they are feeding within minutes of me having filled a bowl with food. However, they usually wait until I'm out of sight before making an appearance.

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