Saturday, 23 May 2009

Saturday night hedgehog movie - introducing the hedgehog feeding station

After watching this footage, I'm still undecided about the success of the hedgehog feeding station. A couple of the hogs didn't seem to realise that they were supposed to go inside it and just sniffed around outside looking for food, whilst others had no problems at all about going inside. After a while I put some mealworms around the entrance to entice hogs inside, and later on I moved one of the foodbowls inside nearer to the entrance. It didn't seem to make a lot of difference.

The weird thing is that even though hogs were going in the box, not much food was actually eaten. I wonder if it was a sense of mistrust, perhaps of things not being as they should be. Perhaps hogs don't like change.

Notice also the strange way in which the first hog inside the box acts. It looks like its being crashed into by another hog, but it is alone in the box! I wonder if it caught sight of its reflection and gave itself a scare.

On the positive side, I was pleased to note that the camera sees nicely into the inside of the feeding station. I was worried the infrared was going to bounce back off it and it would just appear as a white opaque box.

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