Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Return to Folly Bridge but the swans have flown...

It's been nearly a week since I've been to Oxford, and I was itching to visit again to see if the swans' eggs had hatched in the swans' nest near Folly Bridge. Here, pictured above, is the scene that greeted me today. An empty nest. The swans have gone - and I assume have taken their cygnets with them. I was really disappointed not to get to see the babies.

However, the coots in the next door nest are still there, and their egg(s) have hatched too! In the above picture we can just make out a chick (with a red beak) being fed.

Here's another new family out for a swim on the Thames.

At Isley Lock there were squadrons of ducks and geese to be seen, and watching these lovely fluffy-looking goslings almost made up for having missed seeing the cygnets.

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