Sunday, 3 May 2009

Lots of snuffling happening on a Sunday night

You should have heard the noise coming from this little fellow for about 10 minutes before I went outside to replenish the feed bowls. There was some serious snuffling going on. (By the way, the sweeping brush is leaning against the wall - I am not using it to "sweep" along the hog, which is what it might look like in the photo!)

Here's a picture I took a few minutes earlier from my bedroom window and although the quality is poor is illustrates quite nicely what all the snuffling noises were about. There was another hog! I think the snuffling is all part of some mating ritual. However the second hog had already gone by the time that I ventured out. I think perhaps the noisy hog was supposed to follow, but perhaps he's shy (I'm assuming that it's the male that makes all the noise, you'll notice).

1 comment:

  1. We are very exciting about these mating hogs and it's good to see no sweeping of the hog is going on. :)