Friday, 30 April 2010

Wet Thursday night

Thursday had been very wet all day and into the night, but I decided to put the camera out to see if the hedgehogs still came despite the rain. I put all the food inside the feeding station as the hedgehogs don't tend to like it when it's turned to soup. Captures on the camera were well down with the camera only being triggered 12 times by hedgehogs throughout the night. That's compared to approximately 70 times on a warm night recently.

When daylight came, the camera was triggered a handful of times by the birds that come down to see what scraps of food the hedgehogs had left. Regular readers might remember that I had evidence of one cunning starling that had figured out that it could go inside the feeding station for, possibly, richer pickings. Well, as the following photos show, now it seems they are all at it!


  1. Don't you just love cheeky birds!!! Im sure the hedgehogs also gorged themselves on all those snails that were on the rampage, during all that wet weather!....Meadow...xx..

  2. We had two starlings in our feeder this morning, but the hedgehogs are so hungry at the moment that both bowls of mealworms were nearly empty.
    We also have a Pied Wagtail which ventures inside occasionally, but fortunately most of the starlings haven't worked it out yet.