Thursday, 8 April 2010

Back in my own garden ...

I'm back home again now, and although I'm told the hedgehogs have been visiting as usual, they don't seem to have been eating the usual copious amounts of food that they usually get through. As far as I can make out, there are still only the two regular visitors. I'm sure I had more at this time last year.

I had only a handful of video captures last night. The brief unedited video above is one of them. I would have edited a few clips together, added whizzy effects such as fade-ins and fade outs, and put titles on, but my laptop is still in desperate need of repair (this weekend hopefully) and for some reason Windows Movie Maker on the desktop computer crashes every time I try to import video clips. Useful, eh?

In other news, earlier tonight I went to see Hugh Warwick give a very entertaining talk about hedgehogs in Oxford. Well, not literally hedgehogs IN Oxford; the talk was in Oxford and it was about hedgehogs and his experiences with them. (He does a very good impression of the snorting sound that a female hedgehog makes when fending off the advances of an amourous male.) I felt a bit guilty about taking along a copy of his book "A Prickly Affair" for him to sign rather than buying one, but I'm giving it another plug here so maybe a few more copies might get sold.

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