Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Tuesday night hog movie

I'd accidentally set the trail camera so that it took 15 second videos (I usually set it to one minute). However, it worked out quite nicely as we get lots of little snippets of footage of hedgehogs in different positions and doing different things and which makes for quite a lively video. Watch how the first hedgehog reacts when the second one shows up towards the end of the video.


  1. That was a very aggressive stance at the end wasn’t it.
    Wonder what it was all about?

  2. Thats soooo lush! What are the tell tell signs that you have hogs in your garden? I live in a City and have a small'ish garden that is cottage styled and aimed at wildlife, but iv yet to see a Hedgehog out there in the evening,oh, and would cats frighten them off?.. Great pictures love your blog. Meadow..

  3. If you put food out the the birds - crushed nuts, sunflower seeds, mealworms - it's possible that hedgehogs will come to feed on any that's fallen on the ground. They also like a regular source of water, so if you have a bowl of water out for the birds that will attract them too.

    One of the best signs that there have been hedgehogs in your garden is hedgehog poo. Given that they are insectivores and eat insects, the poo tends to be be black, sometimes shiny, and dries into little solid lumps.

    Hedgehogs don't seem too bothered by cats and cats rarely bother hedgehogs. A young cat might be curious at first, but they soon learn that a hedgehog is spiny! My cat likes watching the hogs, but she never goes too near to them and they in their turn just ignore her.

    It also depends whereabouts you are in the city. If it's an area with lots of gardens then it might be area that has hedgehogs. Of course, they'll need some way into the garden. If you have a wall surrounding the garden you have no chance - or if you have a ultra secure fence then that'll keep them out. They need some way in and out. In my garden they can get in through a gap underneath the fence behing the shed. Also, there's only a wire fence between us and the neighbours and they go between the gardens. I have even seen hedgehogs squeeze beneath the gate at the side of the house - they are surprisingly supple.

    They also like gardens with - guess what? - hedges (they aren't called hedgehogs for nothing) or other shrubs they can hide in. They don't like a garden that's too tidy and manicured. If you have a little wild space, then that will be an attractor, whereas decking and gravelled areas are a turn-off.

    Hope that's helped!

  4. Yeh I saw that scary posture at the end, reckon he saw another hog coming..

  5. Ooh... more hedgehogs getting friendly in the garden tonight! Hopefully I'll get some video footage.

  6. Thanks for the input GL seems im already doing everything i can to entice them in.. I off now to hunt for Hog poo... LOL... Meadow