Friday, 16 April 2010

Friday night's hedgehog in colour!

On a blog devoted to hedgehogs it's difficult to keep things looking interesting - there's a danger of all the posts being too similar in content, but I do try to vary the content of posts as much as I can. Sometimes we have stills, sometimes slideshows and sometimes video content. This year, I'm trying not to go outside with the camera to take colour photographs of the hedgehogs as it unnecesarily scares them away, but tonight I very gently opened the cat flap and took these couple of colour photos. The hedgehog's pose in the second photo is most peculiar, don't you think? (I think it must be Scratchy scratching an itch again!)


  1. Lovely photos. I think the second one is doing its Womble impression ;)

    I've always found that when a camera or Bobby sends them scurrying they are usually back in less than an hour.

  2. Can I say Hog Blog that I'm loving the hedgehog dishes, and I'm positive that the hogs love them too.