Sunday, 18 April 2010

Hedgehog visits on a warm April Saturday night

I was happy to see the hedgehog in the next photo had returned. Earlier in the evening I had brought him into the house because I had seen that the poor thing had ticks on his head and face. Using a Tick Twister I managed to remove two of the horrible little parasites, but there was a third near his eye that I couldn't get to because the hog kept curling up whenever the tick twister went near his face (I can't say I blame him). In the end I decided just to let the hog go; there was no way it was going to let me remove that last tick. In the photo you can make out a shape near its left eye, which is - I believe - the tick. Alas, I didn't take any photos of the hedgehog whilst it was inside the house because my camera battery was being re-charged.

The hog in the next picture appears to be a different individual.

Uh-oh! This next picture shows a hog all curled up. I'd wager that it had just been headbutted by another hedgehog.

Blimey! This blackbird is an early bird!

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