Friday, 9 April 2010

Thursday night and some warm weather at last

Last night, seeing as it was warm and dry, I decided to take one of the bowls of mealworms out of the feeding station and position it on the mats where a feeding hedgehog would be captured nicely on the camera. The funny thing is, this morning I checked and all the mealworms in the bowl in the feeding station had been eaten compared with less than half in the bowl outside. I guess the hedgehogs just like - or are used to - eating in the feeding station.

Here are some more of last night's photo captures. You may notice the shape of the pictures is slightly different - I was experimenting with a different pixel setting on the camera and which appears to be more "landscape" in shape.

These next two photos, although very similarly posed, are - I believe - of two different hedgehogs. Compare the markings. The first is Blondie and the second the hedgehog with the cop-out name of "the other one" and who might not be consistently the same "the other one" that I report each time. It's so difficult to tell unless they have particularly distinctive markings.

As ever, the blackbird is there in the morning to get the pickings of the leftover mealworms. This morning he's in for a treat because there's a lot still left in that bowl.

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