Sunday, 18 April 2010

Hedgehogs getting friendly on Sunday night

Uncharacteristicly, two hedgehogs were staying down at the end of the garden tonight rather than coming up to the feeding station on the patio. Here we see one of them drinking rainwater from the trug. Note in the second photo that it has a tick near its left eye. This is the hog that I brought into the house last night to treat for ticks, and that is the tick I couldn't get.

So what were they doing down the end of the garden? It seems something was afoot. Readers of a delicate disposition may want to look away for the next two photos.

I'll guess I'll have to look out for signs of little hoglets in a month or so!


  1. How fantastic!
    Hedgehog sex!!
    I sat outside in my garden this evening listening to a hog rooting about in my rough boarder waiting with my camera.... I gave up in the end
    Well done for getting these wonderful shots:)

  2. Those are amazing pictures. How far away were you when you took them, and did they just carry on and ignore you?

  3. I was about 7 or 8 feet away perhaps (camera on zoom). I think they knew I was there, but they weren't too concerned by my presence.