Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The hedgehogs have been getting friendly again...

...and this time I have some (shaky) video footage:

Apologies for the quality of the picture. It seems that the female hedgehog is lying on her back - which answers the age-old question! (Or perhaps not... see the comments!)

Here is the photo of the pair afterwards. I have a feeling the male is waiting for the female to uncurl so they can resume their earlier activity.


  1. Just lie back dear and think of England! Great observation.

  2. Wow, another hoggy person and sooo close! I run a rescue just east of Newbury. The female isn't on her back she's flattened and concaved so it looks like she's up the other way.

    Many of my female hogs do that to me when I'm trying to give injections. Trying to find skin under the spines is a nightmare.

  3. I was trying to work out which way up her head was - it does look like it's upside-down but I suppose it's difficult to tell with the quality of the video.

    What made me think she was on her back was that at approx 0.27 she appears to kick out a leg and the angle would suggest she was on her back. However, I suppose it's not really that clear what's what.

  4. Hi GL, seems that having all the good food so readily available means that they (at least the gents) can now concentrate their efforts on their other priorities.