Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Hedgehog at the waterbowl and a couple of items of news

There are still one or two hogs visiting the garden each night, and thankfully they are nice big ones that look like they're going to be able to survive hibernation. Here's another of my trademark "through the cat-flap" photographs of one of last night's hedgehogs at the waterbowl. I like how its front paw is in the water. So, that's how they manage to leave those prints everywhere.

I had a telephone call from my sister late last night. She and her family had just arrived home to their house in Cheshire after a short break in London (I went to meet up with them all on Monday) and they found an autumn juvenile trying to sleep on their driveway by the garage door. She's put it in a box with some bedding and taken it inside into the warmth and I've advised her what food she can give it. I've also given her the phone number of a local carer - who, it turns out, she believes she already knows. Hopefully, she'll get the little hog to this carer in the morning and it'll be safe and sound. It's so weird that this should happen after I was telling my sister on Monday about my own two autumn juveniles.

If anyone else out there finds an autumn juvenile and needs to find a local carer, see the list at the British Hedgehog Preservation Society.

In other news, I have at last received the replacement battery and charger for my infrared motion-sensor camera. I was hoping to make a few more videos before the hedgehogs all go into hibernation, but alas, this one does not work either. I think I'm going to have to send the whole camera back. How infuriating!

UPDATE: Wait... I think the camera is working now after all. I shall test it tonight.


  1. It must be the season for them! I have just found a little chap with both frint feet in the food bowl. Lifted and weighed him - at 382g he's also too small (mind you, he's full of life). Brought him indoors overnight until I can work out what to do with him.

  2. Kevin - you've seen the list of carers, I take it? Hopefully there's someone local to you who can take care of him - unless you think you can overwinter the hog yourself.

    Good luck whatever you decide, and let us know how you get on.

  3. Any idea how big a container would be needed to keep him in if we were to try to look after him ourselves (ie how much room do they need to move about during winter)?

  4. Kevin, I'd say use as big a container as you are able to accommodate. The little hogs in Tiggywinkles don't have a lot of space each. They are in containers about the size of hamster cages. Space must be an issue there, seeing as they get so many in for overwintering.

    If you have any questions about caring for hedgehogs, then this is a good forum:

  5. Thanks very much for your reply, and the forum link. Funnily enough, he is in an old hamster cage already!

    After a couple of telephone calls with our local expert this morning, the plan is to try to feed him up as much as possible over the next 10 days to see if we can get him up to 600g. If we do and the weather is still mild, then release him. Apparently the weather is so mild down here that they don't hibernate for long. If we have any problems, they will take him (apologies if he is a she!) over.