Sunday, 25 October 2009

Autumn Juvenile #2

Yes, I'm afraid I've found another one! Why are these juveniles only showing up now? As you can see in the picture, this one weighs 400g, so he's a bit bigger than the juvenile I found earlier in the week. He's currently safe and sound in a pet carrier box with food, water and bedding. I haven't worked out yet how I'm going to get this one to either Tiggywinkles or another hedgehog carer (I don't drive, hence the predicament). If anyone relatively local to Didcot in South Oxfordshire can help, please let me know. Email me on or leave a comment on this post.

UPDATE (14:45pm): I'd like to say a huge thank you to S and E from the Twosie the Hedgehog blog for coming to the rescue and getting this delightful little hog delivered to Tiggywinkles this afternoon.


  1. I don't think a few days being spoilt by you will do him any harm.....I wonder if the young ones are out looking for hibernation sites? Wouldn't it be nice to think that he bumped into a friend of a friend who said there was a hedgehog cafe that puts on a nice spread most nights;-)
    Sadly I am in Sussex - and don't drive either....

  2. Thanks GL, we were delighted to have been able to help out. It was a lovely lively alert little hedgie and it stands the best chance for the winter now.

  3. I guess he could well be a brother or sister to the first one.

  4. I would suspect that this one is from the same late brood as the first. Great that Twosie was able to help out with transport.