Thursday, 8 October 2009

A hedgehog waits patiently

I went out at around 11:00pm last night to see if the hedgehog food bowls needed topping up and whilst I was putting more mealworms down in the feeding station, I noticed this very cheeky-looking hedgehog watching me from the hedge (appropriately enough!).

Let's have a look at that last photo again in close-up, because this hedgehog is a picture! You can see what the weather has been like by the wet fur on the hog's nose.

After I took this photo, the hedgehog turned around and went deeper into the hedge, but I left some mealworms for it where it had been sitting, and within five minutes a hedgehog (I believe it was the same one - it came from the same direction) visited the feeding station on the patio.

1 comment:

  1. Smashing photos. Great to see it sitting up and taking notice. Makes a change to see them like this - instead of with their snouts down snuffling.