Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The hogs are keeping a low profile

I've hardly seen any hedgehogs in the last couple of nights. I know they are visiting because the food is being eaten, but they are keeping a low profile, which is a bit of a change of affairs since last week when the patio was busy with hedgehogs.

I accidentally disturbed the hog pictured above when I went to check the food levels in the feeding station. I do check to see if it is occupied but somehow I missed this little hog. What can I say? My torch isn't too bright and I thought it was a shadow cast by the brick on the lid. Luckily, from experience I know that hedgehogs don't seem to hold grudges and will return despite such interruptions.


  1. Lovely photo. They don't get put off for long when there is free food about.
    I haven't seen Honey for the past three nights and it was a very brief visit the last time she came. The recorder is set on movement detection and is working OK as last nights downpour kept triggering it. I wonder if she is already taking a nap.

  2. We agree - another lovely photo. We too have been seeing much less activity overall in recent nights and have even remarked how quiet it is. We wonder if it could be because they're not keen on rain (NightShift definitely isn't). Here, we are also seeing that there is still a fair bit of food left in the bowls by morning-time, which is surprising as they really need to build up their resources. Earlier, the bowls used be near empty.

  3. Our guests are still emptying their food bowls, but otherwise are far less visible elsewhere for the last couple of nights as well.