Monday, 12 October 2009

Monday night's first visitor

Tonight's first hedgehog visitor was an early bird at 7:45pm.

There hasn't been a lot to report over the last few days. It's not been exactly busy but there has been quite a steady stream of hedgehogs coming to the patio for a bite or two to eat.

In sadder news, I saw yesterday that a hedgehog had been killed on the road just around the corner from where I live. My immediate reaction was, "I hope that wasn't one of my hogs", then I realised how stupid that was. What difference does it make if it's one of mine or another hog that doesn't visit my garden? It's still a poor little hog that met with an untimely and undignified end.

I have to say, I'm always rather perplexed at how careless motorists can be. I've seen so many instances where it looks as if the motorist must have deliberately aimed their vehicle at the animal. It's one of the reasons why I hate cars, and even more so the idiots that often drive them.


  1. Not long after I started feeding my hogs one big adult was killed just over the road from me....I am sure he had visited me and it made me very sad for days because although I live in a quiet road at night there seems to be a lot of fast driving going on which makes me very cross because I worry about cats and foxes too....
    My little hog hasn't turned up for his supper tonight which has made me fret....

  2. Always sad to see a wild animal which has met an untimely end. I am beginning to wonder about Henry and Honey. Henry hasn't been seen for many weeks and Honey hasn't been for a week now.