Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Saying "Thank You" to a Hedgehog

This movie, although hardly action-packed, illustrates quite nicely the relationship I have with the hedgehogs that visit my garden. I like to think that they tolerate me so long as I don't make any sudden moves. If I sit or stand quietly, they don't mind me being there. Some, like this one, even seem to pose for me and wait patiently while I take their photograph.

Note how this little hog standing in the entrance to the feeding station, whilst wary of me, unflinchingly stands its ground even when I put a handful of mealworms right beneath its nose. The object I pick up from near the entrance, by the way, is a digital audio recorder. After picking this up, I withdraw inside. See how the hedgehog eventually accepts the present of mealworms and starts eating them.

Not all hedgehogs that come to the garden are quite as brave as this one. Possibly some are more regular visitors than others and are more used to me coming and going, filling up the foodbowls and taking photographs.


  1. A beautiful head-on photo of the hog enjoying a mealworm.

  2. I just LOVE the photo AND the video! You have a very good buddy there, Gavin - and I understand why.


  3. Thanks Janet. I did seriously consider PhotoShopping out the piece of hedgehog poo in the photo, but decided to leave it alone, as that's nature after all. I like how the hedgehog has mealworms in its fur. You can see what it's been doing! And they are very messy eaters - you should see the state of their bowls and the inside of the feeding station in the morning.