Friday, 5 June 2009

Back home in Oxfordshire

It's funny, but I've really missed my spiky friends. I couldn't wait for it to get dark tonight and for them to make an appearance at the food bowls. The motion sensor infrared camera is outside now as I type this, so expect some more hedgehog movies this weekend!


  1. Great photos, love the first one, looking forward to your next movies :-)

    I'm watching them through my infrared at the moment too and just taken a few pics tonight also. They are such fascinating animals to watch. Just seen one have a good shake after drinking water.

    Your temp feeding person has done a good job - you must be delighted your hedgehogs are still visiting :-) What do you feed them?

  2. Hi Shirl, yes, I was really quite pleased with that first photo too!

    The hogs have been fed each night whilst I've been away. That was the main reason for getting the feeding station as the person who was feeding them could only put the food out whilst it was still light, and if it hadn't been in the feeding station the birds would have eaten the lot. (Those pesky woodpigeons).

    Tonight I'm using the feeding station because it's raining, so the hogs have somewhere dry to go to eat.

    I mainly feed them on mealworms (they LOVE mealworms) and a few peanuts. I also put sultanas down sometimes but I'm out of them at the moment.