Sunday, 7 June 2009

Saturday night's hedgehogs

Here's some late Saturday night hedgehog action. Well, not too much "action" as such, it's mainly hedgehogs eating, although one poor hog gets pushed around by another quite roughly in one scene.

Earlier on in the evening I had the feeding station in place. I thought I'd experiment by putting the camera directly inside the feeding station. It was worth a try, but the results were not useable. The insides of the box are just too reflective and so you get a total white-out. Also, if a hog comes too close to the camera then you just get a big white blob in the picture. It's a pity I chose then to try the camera out inside the box, because I was watching through the back door window and saw quite a lot of hog action outside of the feeding station.

There were between three and five hogs in the garden at the same time (it's hard to count sometimes when they are running around - one runs off and then one appears and you don't know if it's the same hog or a new one). One hog in particular seemed to be quite hyperactive and was pushing the others around and was quite literally running in circles around the garden. Unfortunately none of this was captured on camera.

Nevertheless, please do take a look at the above video. It contains some really nice footage of our spiky friends.


  1. I never get tired of watching how Hedgehogs are so haphazard at finding food. They always seen to waste so much time and energy rushing about. here, there and everywhere.

    I wonder if you have a large extended family group which visits your garden.

  2. Possibly, John. I definitely have the same individuals returning. For example, at the beginning of the clip we see the hedgehog with a bad back leg that I have been mentioning on the blog from near the beginning. There's also the one I call "Cheeky hog", who is braver than the othets and often tolerates me when I go out into the garden and take photos, etc.