Monday, 15 June 2009

"Listen to them, Children of the night. What music they make."

OK, so Count Dracula wasn't talking about hedgehogs when he uttered the words in this piece's title. But he could have been!

Here is a compilation of clips from the weekend. On Saturday night I was trying out a different camera position, although because everything is much closer to the camera we are beginning to run into the white-out problem with the infrared. Sunday night's footage sees the camera returned to its usual place against the back wall of the house.

Notice the scene where a second hedgehog enters the feeding station and tries the push the first hog there out of the way, but this one won't be budged!

Also notice how some of the hedgehogs seem to like sitting IN the foodbowls. This will explain the mess I find in the feeding station when I come to clean it out each day.

Finally - if you have the sound turned on - you'll notice that this movie has a soundtrack of hedgehogs snuffling. This recording was made during one of Friday night's noisier visits when two hogs were doing the "circle dance" (see previous post).

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