Thursday, 8 July 2010

Young rabbit and an unfortunate woodpecker

Today, as part of my personal fitness programme I cycled from Didcot to Oxford and then back again. Along the journey I saw a lot of wildlife, although most of it moves too fast to be able to photograph. I did manage to get a shot of this young rabbit (above).

Unfortunately, on the way home I found this woodpecker lying on the path. It was an isolated path through trees with no buildings and no traffic, so it seemed very weird to find it there on the ground like that. I wasn't sure if it was just stunned or dead, so I picked it up. It was still warm, so I guess the accident had only just happened. I put the poor thing on a log surrounded by ivy away from the path. Sadly, I think it was dead.

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  1. The poor woodpecker. John from Midmarsh Jottings and ourselves had the great joy of having one to visit this year but they are such elusive birds. Ours visited us twice and has not returned since, so to see one lying dying/dead must have been very upsetting for you. I wonder if birds suffer from heat-stress.