Sunday, 4 July 2010

Video footage of the baby hedgehog

These videos are from last Thursday night, 1 July 2010. It took me a few days to get around to editing them - I had so much good footage that night. We see several hogs, not just the baby (who we see is a boy). Poor thing seems to take after our old friend Scratchy. Perhaps I should call him Itchy.

Elsa makes one of her trademarked cameo appearances in Pt2. The hedgehogs really didn't seem that bothered.


  1. Gosh - you have quite a thriving community there. In one of the sections of Part 1, it was so funny to see "baby" drinking happily in the foreground, seemingly quite oblivious to the commotion caused by the two squabbling hedgies in the background. The quirky reversing behaviour is quite interesting as well ("Not tonight, please, I have a headache").

  2. I know... there seem to be more than ever. I think there must be at least eight different hedgehogs visiting. It's getting more and more common to see three and four at the same time.

    Yes, the reversing behaviour is funny. I can't think that I've seen any other animal walking backwards.

    I've got a whole bunch of photos from Sunday night to sort through. I'm not sure how best to present them yet because there are so many.

    Right now I have to go stock up on more mealworms!