Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Catching up, Monday night's hedgehogs and baby confusion

It's been over a week since my last post so I think it's time for an update. Elsa only stayed overnight at the vets. I had a phone call in the morning to say that her temperature had dropped, that she was eating, that she was even being a bit feisty and that I could collect her. So, I brought her home and she has been back to her old self again.

However, it was a very expensive business with vets fees, taxis, etc. And I'd need more money to take the baby hog with suspected ringworm to a hedgehog carer. Alas, it rained for a few days after I got Elsa home and I hardly saw any hedgehogs at all. I did spy the baby hog on Friday night, but as I was to be away all weekend, there was no sense in catching him. I saw him briefly late Sunday night, and again last night when I also put the infrared camera out for photos (as seen here). Pictured above, we see him at - and partially in - the food bowl.

But... Is it the same baby hedgehog?

If it is, then his spines seem to have re-grown. I went out last night with a torch and took a look at him. I fancied I saw markings where the bald patches had been. If it is the same hog he definitely looks healthier than before.

If it is a different hedgehog, then I wonder where he (possibly she) has been up until now and, for that matter, where the other baby is now? I may have to catch him and bring him inside for a closer look, because I confess that I am confused!

Anyway, here are the pick of last night's photos:

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