Thursday, 8 July 2010

Do you think this baby's alright, and Wednesday night's hedgehogs

Before I show you the pick of last night's infra-red photos, I want to show you the above picture of the baby hedgehog that has been visiting. Now, last night Elsa got a little over-excited watching the hedgehogs; I went outside to find she had cornered the baby, who was looking a little worried. I don't think Elsa would have hurt him; I think she was just in a playful mood. Anyway, I took her inside the house and gave the baby a handful of mealworms after taking a couple of colour photos, and he was soon eating them up and looking much happier.

But have a closer look at the photo above (click on it to enlarge). You'll see that the baby has a couple of bald patches, one on his back and another behind his ear. His face also looks pretty hairless compared with, say, the hedgehog on the blog banner at the top of this page. Does anyone know, is this normal for a young hedgehog or does he need attention?

Anyway, onto last night's infra-red photos. There was certainly a lot of activity again. You'll notice Elsa in the second photo getting closer than she usually does.


  1. I think the baby hoggie does need attention, otherwise he could go bald, and therefore have no protection.

  2. Hi GL, we are no experts but we wonder if it could be mange or perhaps ringworm. Twosie, the little baby we had, looked like a miniature adult hedgehog and his skin/spines did not appear like this. Since then, we have had no other babies up close so we have nothing to compare him with. It might be worth posting your picture on one of the hedgie forums and asking them for suggestions (apologies if you have already done this) or else, contact one of the listed carers in your area ( (apologies also if you have already done so).

  3. I think the 'baby' looks like he has mange....his skin looks very dry.