Sunday, 9 August 2009

Various insects in the garden

I hadn't tried the macro feature on my camera before. I must say, I'm impressed.


  1. Very nice! Fav shot... the last one. Oh... and I loved your butting hedgehog video a few posts ago. Very entertaining... I'm sure no hedgehogs were harmed during the filming ;-) BTW great photos in the veggies too :-D

    Sorry I haven't been by in a while. Your filming experiments are working well. I'm about to do some overdue hedgehog (video) editing myself. I've so much I want to do but time... well that's another story. What a week... a driving test (daughter), an 80th birthday (MIL), exam results (another daughter) and today a 21st (nephew)... Mm... have I missed anything? Oh yes... more wildlife filming... a swallows nest surprise :-D

    Wishing you a good week :-D

  2. Hi Shirl, nice to see you dropping by. Sounds like you've been having a busy old time!

    It's been a bit hectic here too. I finished writing the book a few weeks back and am now unemployed again, so am looking for work (and suffering the indignities of the Job Centre where you are treated like benefit-cheating scum despite the fact that I've paid well over 25 years' worth of National Insurance and am entitled to that benefit.

    I spent a good part of last week chasing after one particular job, which I eventually applied for and then was rejected. And now on top of everything, I've got serious computer problems with the laptop, so am not sure how the next video editing is going to go on the "other" machine.

  3. Beautifully clear set of macro shots of your insect visitors.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that you soon become employed again.