Monday, 24 August 2009

Sleeping hedgehog in the feeding station

I wasn't going to post again tonight, but I have just found something that worries me. At 11:30pm I went outside to check the levels of food in the feeding station before locking up and going to bed, and I noticed a large hedgehog in the feeding station. At first I thought it was eating, then I realised it was facing the doorway in the box and was very still. Looking closely, the hedgehog appears to be sleeping. I touched it gently and it lowered its brow protectively, as hedgehogs do, but I don't think it was really aware of me.

This isn't the first time I have found a hedgehog motionless in the feeding station, but at least last time the hog seemed to be awake.

I confess that I am concerned and not sure what to do. I'm thinking perhaps I should put something into the box to make it warmer for the hog. I'll wait up a little while longer and keep an eye on it. Fingers crossed that it's going to be OK.

UPDATE: I just checked again, approximately 10 minutes later, and the hedgehog is now awake and eating. I shall check again a little later.

Has anyone else out there ever experienced anything like this?

UPDATE #2: 00:08am - OK... good news. The hedgehog has left the feeding station, which implies that it is feeling alright now. Hopefully it'll find somewhere warmer next time it fancies a sleep.


  1. I wonder if it feels safe in the box so has a little nap.
    Maybe it’s time to start providing accommodation – B&D – bed and dinner

  2. Had exactly the same thing a few nights ago. Two hogs in the box, one appeared to be asleep blocking the entrance and was a bit worried and thought it couldn't find its way out. I lifted the lid, refilled the food bowls, it woke up and started eating again then left. So it must be having a little nap.

  3. Thanks Malia... it's good to know that this sort of behaviour has been noticed before.

    You know sometimes when one hedgehog bulldozes violently into another one - the hedgehog that has been hit will often lie motionless for a while. I did wonder tonight if the hedgehog in my box had just recently been a victim of such an attack from another hedgehog, except for the fact that it did seem to be asleep.

    Or perhaps it's "playing possum" for some reason?

    The more I observe hedgehogs, the more I learn.

  4. It is always worrying when animals act outside their normal behaviour.

    If it occurs again you might consider having a word with a hedgehog carer in your area. The British Hedgehog Preservation Society have a long list of such people on their web site: