Saturday, 1 August 2009

Hungry Hogs

The hogs must have been hungry tonight because three of them showed up shortly after 9:30pm. If a hog shows up at 10pm then it's early; they often don't make an appearance until much later.

It might not be clear in the above photos, but there are two hedgehogs inside the feeding station. I also fancy that the one outside on the mat has paint marks on its back. Could it be the same one from a few weeks back?

Please excuse the quality of these pictures - they were taken through the glass of the back door and there is a bit of fogginess caused by flash reflection. I have to be careful about opening the back door at the moment because I have a new cat and don't want her dashing out just yet. She was looking at the hedgehogs a couple of days ago and didn't seem that interested (thankfully!).

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