Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Elsa meets the hogs

I've had Elsa just over a month now; she was destined for a cat shelter when I took her in and I'd been led to believe that she was a bit of a killer, and I've been worried about the wildlife in the garden. Tonight I absent-mindedly left her out in the garden later than usual. I went out to bring her in at approximately 9:20 to find her sitting nicely on the lawn watching a hedgehog in the feeding station. As she didn't seem to be bothering it, I stayed out and joined her in watching hogs.

A hog made a noisy entrance, emerging from a shrub and Elsa seemed very interested and followed it from the shrub to the feeding station. My worry was that she might pounce, but she was well-behaved. (Despite being told she is a killer, so far the only thing I've seen her kill is a cabbage white butterfly which she caught and ate yesterday.)

Above: Elsa watches the hedgehogs.

After about 15 minutes I decided we should leave the hedgehogs in peace and I scooped Elsa up and took her indoors.

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  1. Great shots of the hogs, not forgetting the moggy.