Monday, 10 August 2009

I thought the hedgehog food was going quickly...

...and now I know why. It's that naughty Bailey from number 26.

I had to laugh though.


  1. He almost deserves the food for that...

    Have you thought of building a little chicane in the feeding box so that the little hedgehogs can walk round it to get the food but so that the cats can't get to it by reaching in unless they are very flexible?

  2. I am just about to set up a feeding station because I have next door's cat and foxes taking the food.....but I see where there's a will....

  3. Gigibird, I put two bowls of food out. One contains either "Spike's Dinner" or a dried catfood such as Iams (not fish flavoured), and this is what Bailey the cat is eating in this video.

    The other bowl contains mealworms and is not going to be eaten by any cats. Hedgehogs LOVE mealworms. Believe me, it is their very favourite food, so if you are worried about cats stealing the food, use mealworms and they won't be interested whereas your hogs will love you for it!

    They are dried mealworms, by the way. You don't have to fuss around with the live variety. They can be expensive, but Wilkinsons currently sells a 500g tub for £2.49 which isn't bad, alternatively you can buy them in bulk on eBay for some quite good prices. My hogs get through about four tubs a week.

  4. I was interested to see you use Spikes Dinner. I bought some of that recently and my hogs ignore it. Maybe they have been on dried mealworms and crushed unsalted peanuts too long. They cannot get enough of those. Do you put out Spikes dry? I had wondered about soaking it first.

  5. John, they seem to like Spike's Dinner well enough, although given tbe choice they will always go for the mealworms first.

    At the moment I'm putting out Iams cat food because I ran out of Spike's and the local pet shop had also run out. The hogs seem to like that just the same.

    I put it out dry, but of course there are a couple of bowls of water available.

    I suppose you could try soaking it. I tried it once and they didn't seem to touch it, but I suppose it depends on what other food is available at the same time.