Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Sunday night's hedgehog movie

At twenty seconds shy of six minutes, this is quite a long video this time, but I hope you'll agree it contains some lovely hedgehog footage.

It is compilation of footage of hedgehogs in my garden on Sunday night, 12th July 2009, videoed throughout the night and into Monday morning using a motion-sensitive infrared camera. There are lots of lovely close-ups of hedgehogs eating mealworms and going in and out of the feeding station.

The feeding station is there for the hedgehogs to have somewhere safe to eat where birds and cats can't steal their food. However, I did scatter some mealworms around outside the feeding station so as to encourage the hedgehogs nearer to the camera.

Note the difference in picture quality after some rain has fallen. The wet paving slabs don't seem to reflect as much infrared light back at the camera. I'm wondering if it might be worthwhile deliberately wetting the paving slabs in future.

Note the woodpigeon at the very end of the video once it is daylight. A case of the early bird catches the mealworm that the hedgehog missed in the night.

1 comment:

  1. There is certainly a lot of hog activity in your garden. The one half way through was doing a very good job of hoovering up the mealworms.