Wednesday, 8 July 2009

First Sunflower of the Year

I was pleased to see yesterday that the first of my sunflowers has flowered. Today it has opened its petals fully. That's about a month earlier than last year's sunflowers.

I'm sorry I've not been able to post recently but I've been very busy with an intense writing project. I have, however, been feeding the hedgehogs as always.

Last night's first hedgehog visitor actually came before it got fully dark. This picture is taken through the plastic of the feeding station.

1 comment:

  1. Hi again, great to see your hogs are still around. We are missing the timing of any visitors here at the moment.

    Brilliant flower head of the sunflower... jealous there! When my daughters were younger we tried growing them but don't remember our odd flowers looking as good. It looks like you've a whole row of them too. Do you leave them up after flowering for the birds to take the seeds? We tried that but got no takers!