Sunday, 19 July 2009

Lots of hedgehogs in the garden on Saturday night

Having recently been worried about a decline in hedgehog visitors to my garden, I'm happy to report that this last Saturday night, the patio and hedgehog feeding station were positively bustling with hedgehogs. As usual, there are bowls of food in the feeding station (one of "Spike's Dinner", one of mealworms), plus two bowls of water on the patio, and a sprinkling of mealworms on the paving slabs of the patio to encourage the hogs closer to the camera.


  1. Certainly plenty of activity. Hogs seem so random in their approach to food, forever rushing off and rushing back again after a short while. Have you spotted any youngsters there yet?

  2. Hi John, sadly I've not seen any babies since the youngster I found in the street at the beginning of last month. That one wondered off quite quickly and I've not seen it since. A pity - I was hoping it might stick around.

    Having said that, I saw that there was a small-ish hog in the feeding station last night, but I didn't have the infrared camera out so didn't capture any footage of it.

    I have to be careful about going in and out at the moment, because I have a new cat and I want to get her fully accustomed to the house so that she will identify it as being home, before introducing her to the garden. This means I can't keep opening the door to go outside and check on the hogs.